Nearly 62,000 lb of Food For Hungry
Children Distributed in 2021-22 Year

June 20, 2022

   The Brigade is blessed to have amazing volunteers who worked really hard to fight food insecurity for the 330-plus children we served this school year.

   And they spent a lot of time and energy with the 4 "P's" (Planning, Purchasing, Preparing and Packing-out).

   Their hard work resulted in the Brigade sending out over 61,900 pounds of food for hungry children at the 8 elementary school programs we serve.

  That's a lot of food for hungry children in our community!

   Thank you Bremerton, for your support to make our work possible!

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Don't Forget Summer Break Food
Boxes, Including Protein Vouchers

June 14, 2022

   Just a reminder: If your child has been participating in the Backpack program during the school year, please do not forget to pick up their "Summer Break Food box."

   Remember that boxes must be picked up at the school — they are very heavy (about 40 pounds) and can not be carried on the school bus.

   We are so excited to be able to include $75 in protein vouchers/coupons for the summer. Households with 4-plus children will receive $150 in protein vouchers and two Summer Break Food boxes.

   The protein vouchers will expire at the end of August and can be used at @WinCo, Grocery Outlet and Saars Super Savers Foods in Bremerton.

   The last day of school in June 17 and it is early release.

   We are grateful to our 330-plus children and their families, the amazing @Bremerton School District 100-C staff and to our passionate volunteers.

   And thank you Bremerton for your wonderful support and help in making the Brigade's work possible!

   Happy Summer!

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Reminder: Boxes Must
Be Picked Up At School.
They Cannot Go On Buses


BBB Volunteers Close School Year
By Packing Out Summer Food/Treats

BBB summer food boxes.jpg

June 9, 2022

   It's done!

   Our annual Summer Break Food Boxes are now zooming toward the homes of the 330-plus children we serve.

   Over 5,880 pounds of food items and protein vouchers/coupons were carefully packed by our amazing volunteers. And a few special treats, including cookies, pancake mix and syrup, pizza mix and bubbles or cans of silly string, also managed to find their way into boxes as supplies lasted!

   Many thanks to the Bremerton School District 100-C staff who picked up and delivered the precious cargo to all 8 elementary programs we serve on Wednesday and Thursday. The boxes are really heavy and we really appreciate the school staff's help (and muscles) to make the smooth deliveries!

   We are so grateful for each and every one of our volunteers!

   The pantry was alive with lots of laughter as our volunteers literally "emptied the space." But no worries! This will allow for a "deep, deep cleaning" of the entire pantry (we LOVE our pantry — thank you BSD for making it possible!) and then a gentle restocking of some supplies in the next few weeks.

   The Brigade will continue to be prepared for emergency food boxes as needed when a crisis arises this summer!

   We hope all of our Volunteers will have a chance to relax and enjoy their summer breaks. Thank you for sharing your "time, talents and treasure" to help us feed hungry children throughout the school year.

   And thank you Bremerton for your generous support and helping to make the work of the Bremerton Backpack Brigade possible!

   Happy Summer!

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Safety Reigns For Kids & Families
Thanks To Kitsap Public Health Staff

June 8, 2022

   Many thanks to the Kitsap Public Health District for helping us keep the 330-plus children that we serve safe during the pandemic.

   In addition to the great community access to public testing and vaccination clinics, the District provided the Brigade with lots of COVID-19 Home tests and included information sheets in English and Spanish about sign & symptoms, testing procedures and what to do with the results.

   They also donated face masks that we could send home in the children's backpacks throughout the Spring.

   The last of our limited supply is going out today in the annual Summer Break Food Boxes, but there is information available for families who want to order self-tests or visit a testing site during the summer break. It is packed with the protein vouchers!

   Thank you Kitsap Public Health District and your amazing team for helping us keep the children we serve healthy!

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Our Big Break Food Boxes to Include
Vouchers for Protein Through Summer


June 8, 2022

   Oh my goodness, the annual "Summer Break Food Boxes" pack-out starts this morning!

   This is the final week for the Brigade's 2021-2022 program year. We have come a long way since our "soft opening" for 20 families at three schools in mid-September.

   On Wednesday and Thursday our amazing (and strong) volunteers are packing food to feed over 330 children at eight elementary programs in the community as we wrap up.

   We are thrilled that thanks to the generous support of the community, we have been able to extend our voucher program through the summer.

   Each box will have $75 in protein vouchers/coupons ($150 for families with 4-plus children) that can be used this summer to help stretch meal planning.

   Many thanks to our partners WinCo, @SaarsSuperSaversFoods and Grocery Outlet for supporting our protein voucher program!

   The Summer Break boxes are weighing about 40 lb each and are chocked full of all kinds of food items (and a few treats) to help families out this summer.

   Families with 4-plus children will receive two boxes of food (about 80 lbs of food).      

   Please remember that families must arrange to pick up the food boxes at the school —  the boxes cannot be carried on the school buses for safety reasons!

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Happy 80th Birthday, Millie!
We Love Our BBB Volunteers


June 7, 2022

   Our amazing volunteers are so great!

   On June 1st, at the Bremerton Backpack Brigade pantry, we celebrated the 80th birthday of one of our volunteers, Millie Devon!

   Happy Birthday Millie! We love you!

   Thank you for taking time in your special day to help us feed over 330 hungry children in our community!

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It's In the Bag, Baby! Fred Meyer
Shoppers Come Through for Kids

May 28, 2022

   We are so grateful to the Fred Meyer staff in East Bremerton and to their shoppers!

    The great folks at Fred Meyer stock bags with Bremerton Backpack Brigade information by the cash registers. And shoppers have been filling those bags.

   More than 1,700 pounds of food has been purchased and thus donated during the month of May.

   This is helping us feed the 330 kids and their families faced with food insecurity as we approach the end of the school year!

    Thank you so much for feeding hungry kids!

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FM 100th Anniversayr.jpeg
BBB Head count may.20,2022JPG.JPG
Fred Meyer food drive.jpeg
BBB Armed Forces pic.jpg

May 21, 2022

    Volunteers, leaders and friends of the Bremerton Backpack Brigade were proud today to march in the famous Bremerton Armed Forces Day Parade.

    We had a great time showing our love, gratitude and support for members of the military, and our appreciation to all of Bremerton for supporting the Brigade and its mission to feed more than 300 hungry elementary school children.

    This was an especially memorable day! It was first time we've marched in the parade, which is marking its 75th anniversary as well as its first time getting back into the streets since the COVID pandemic.

       Many thanks to our partners, the Habitat For Humanity Store, for transporting grocery carts and weary volunteers.

    Bremerton is a great military town, and the military is a great supporter of Bremerton and the Brigade.

    It was an honor to be a part of a wonderful celebration!

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# 2022ArmedForcesDayParade

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