Home & Community Educators Help
Fund Fresh Fruit Veggies for Brigade

Sept. 29, 2022

   Many thanks to the Kitsap Club of the Washington State Home & Community Educators for their generous donation to the Brigade.

   Educators know first-hand the impact of food insecurity on children who are struggling to learn in the classroom. The body needs fuel to be able to concentrate and learn and it is so hard for children to concentrate when they are hungry!

   The Brigade will use this gift to purchase fresh fruits and veggies so children will have healthy snacks!

    Thank you, ladies, for joining us in our fight against food insecurity for the 250-plus children we serve each week!

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Community, BBB Leadership Contend
With Families' Growing Need for Help

Sept. 29, 2022

    Last night's BBB Leadership meeting was pretty revealing as we got together to discuss and evaluate the crazy rocket ship ride of the first three weeks of the new school year.

   We are entering new territory for the Brigade and new milestones for the beginning of a new school year as more families are struggling with the challenges of the economy. We are serving eight elementary programs including Catalyst Public Schools and the Bremerton School District 100-C.

   The Brigade has served more than 225 children since our "soft opening" on Sept 9. Enrollment is anticipated to climb to over 250 children by Friday morning!

   In years past, we would be thrilled to be at 75 children by the third week of school.

   And there have been several "emergency boxes" packed for families in acute crisis situations.

   Our amazing Volunteers have packed over 2,880 lbs of food including lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Oranges, bananas, baking potatoes, carrots, celery and onions, etc., are all part of the mix to provide a wide variety of snacks and meal extenders as we try to move toward more "whole food" options. It is more expensive but it is healthier!

   This fall, our monthly $25 Protein vouchers/coupons ($50 for families with 4+ children) will be expanding. Starting with the October coupons, families will be able to use their vouchers to purchase fresh fruit and veggies in addition to milk, eggs, meat/fish and others sources of protein to help expand food choices for their family on the weekend.

   We are so grateful to continue our partnership with WinCo ( West Bremerton), Grocery Outlet (East Bremerton) and Saars Super Saver Foods (East Bremerton) with the Protein Voucher program.

   Hold on folks! "We are not in Kansas anymore ...." But the Brigade's leadership team is determined to ride this adventure wherever it may take us.

   Thank you Bremerton for joining us and your ongoing support of the work that we do to serve children in our community who are hungry!


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Power Your Family With Protein!

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Sept. 24, 2022

   The first Protein Vouchers/Coupons of the new year went out on Friday, and here's a great way to use them.

   Check out Michelle's Steakhouse Surprise! This recipe serves as a great basis for wonderful meal for the beginning of Fall.

   Thank you, Michelle!


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Do You Know the Muffin Man Added
a Treat as Our Program Grows?

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Sept. 23, 2022

   What an exciting week!

   It kicked off with Coram Deo Church in East Bremerton completing its annual "Back to School" Food Drive for the Brigade. Their generous gift added over 1,450 lbs of food to our pantry shelves on Tuesday.

   This was just what the doctor ordered as we added 30-plus children to our enrollment with seven of our eight elementary programs reporting by Thursday afternoon. And this morning, with head spinning precision, the Brigade volunteers packed out food to feed over 225 children this weekend. And it is only Week 3 for the new school year!

   Our monthly $25 Protein vouchers/coupons ($50 for households with 4-plus children) were included in today's backpacks so that families can go to WinCo, Grocery Outlet or Saars Super Savers Foods to shop and purchase fresh milk, eggs, meats, fish or other great sources of protein to help expand their weekend menu plans.

   And a new special treat for our families — blueberry muffin mix — was added. All kinds of things (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, etc) can be added to the mix before baking. These yummy muffins can be made for breakfast with a warm bowl of oatmeal on these cool fall mornings or just a quick afternoon snack!

   Many thanks to our great Volunteers for your energy and to Coram Deo Church for their annual food drive. And thank you Bremerton for your generous support!

   Thanks to everyone's efforts over 225 children in our community will have a better weekend!

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Coram Deo Church Collects 1,450+ lb
Of Food To Help Feed 190-plus Kids

   Many thanks to Coram Deo Church in East Bremerton for hosting it's annual "Back to School" Food Drive on behalf of the Bremerton Backpack Brigade. Over 1,450 lbs of food was collected in September by members of this great faith community. 

   Don't worry, this amazing gift will not spend much time on the food pantry shelves. It arrives just in time to help the Brigade feed a 190-plus children who have enrolled in our weekend feeding program.  

   This is a new record for enrollment over the first two weeks of operations. The first week was suppose to be a "soft opening," where we were expecting about 50 children, not the 130-plus who signed up with school staff.

   And more wereadded last Friday during our official opening with a 42-percent increase, and more enrollment

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 5.01.08 PM.png

forms were arriving throughout the week.

   These are absolutely crazy numbers for the beginning of a new school year and reflect the challenges that many families are facing with the

struggling economy. Many families are having to decide how to handle increases in rent, gasoline, getting to work, medical costs or having meals.

   Thank you, Coram Deo members and staff. for once again joining the Brigade in our fight against food insecurity.  

   Your generosity and support of the Brigade are helping children have food support on the weekends and be ready to learn when they come to class on Monday mornings! You Rock!

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Sept. 23, 2022


Volunteers, More
Healthy Food Needed for Growing Caseload

   The Brigade needs some help!

   Food insecurity is more pressing for more families in our community as the economy remains so challenged.  

Sept. 20, 2022

   This summer the Brigade's Board of Directors made a decision to go for more "whole foods" for our backpacks.

   With our monthly $25 protein vouchers/coupons ($50 for families with 4+ children). which can be used to purchase milk, eggs, seafood and meats, etc., we are now expanding

what we offer the children (and families) each week. Hopefully this will result in more healthy food choices each weekend, and help the 190-plus children we are serving be ready to learn when they return to school on Monday mornings!

   We need your help to make this happen!

   So, please check out the picture below, and if you are out shopping and can grab some of these items to donate, please do. There is also a complete shopping list available on this Web site, here: www.bremertonbackpackbrigade.org/donate.

Donations can be dropped off by appointment at the pantry (please call Myra Battin at (360) 471-9588) or at

the Kitsap Habitat Store, 3451 Wheaton Way.

   We serve children at 8 elementary programs including Catalyst Public Schools and the Bremerton School District 100-C and are trying to move toward healthier choices for our families. And the numbers of children served is growing each week as school staff continue to turn in enrollment forms.

   Thank you, Bremerton, for your help in making this possible!

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Number of Children Fed Jumps
From 137 to 194 (42%) in One Week

Sept. 19, 2022

   It is Monday evening. Our "Official Opening" was last Friday and the Brigade's "Soft Opening" was a week ago.

   We are growing crazy-fast for this early in the school year. More enrollment forms were being turned in this morning by school staff at the eight elementary programs we serve.

   Thanks to the generous support of the community, we will be able to continue to offer our services for children at Armin Jahr, View Ridge, West Hills STEM Academy, West Hills Restorative School, Naval Avenue, CrownHill, Kitsap Lake Elementary schools and Catalyst Public School in Bremerton for the 2022-2023 school year!!!

   Please note that space is limited. So if you know of children who would benefit from our program, please have their Parents/Grandparents/Guardians/older Siblings contact the school interventionist or principals as soon as possible! The process is easy and is handled directly by the school staff.

   On this Monday evening, as we look at the enrollment board, we can only image what the number of children needing food support will be by Friday.

   But, no worries! Volunteers plan to do a lot of shopping this week to be able to answer the Call for all the children who are in need of our weekend feeding program.

   Thank you Bremerton for your generous support and making our work to fight food insecurity possible!

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