Bremerton Backpack Brigade

is a nonprofit organization 501(c)3

We are endorsed by the Bremerton School District, governed by a Board of Directors, supported by local businesses & civic organizations, as well as many individuals, and our work is facilitated exclusively by volunteers.


The Bremerton Backpack Brigade exists to provide a supplemental food source on weekends for children in need throughout the Bremerton Elementary School District. 


Each week during the school year, volunteers fill backpacks with practical kid friendly foods; including fresh fruit and vegetables, shelf-stable milk and juice.  Those backpacks are then delivered to the schools, where the staff discreetly distributes them to the students enrolled in the program.  The students return the backpacks to their school on Mondays, to be picked up and refilled for the following weekend. 


Programs like ours have been shown to increase attendance, decrease behavior problems, improve concentration abilities and improve academic achievement. 


Why us?

Over 65% of the students enrolled in Bremerton elementary schools are on the subsidized lunch program.  

Due to homelessness, financial struggles and an array of other issues prevalent today, food provided at school often make up the most nutritious meals children will receive all day. For some, those meals may be the only ones they will receive that day. 

Area teachers are increasingly concerned at the growing number of students arriving to school each Monday morning, hungry. This is where we come in.


The Bremerton Backpack Brigade exists to address that concern!


The Backpacks

Though the contents of our backpacks change weekly, based on the food products we have available to us at any given time, a typical backpack contains the following items:


                                    Canned Chicken/Tuna      Apples, Oranges & Bananas
                                    “Helper” Meals                   Carrots, Broccoli & Tomatoes
                                    Macaroni & Cheese           Fruit cup/Pudding cup
                                    Chili/Refried Beans           Popcorn
                                    Hot or Cold cereal              Hot Cocoa & Apple Cider Mix Packets
                                    Shelf Stable Milk/Juice     Canned Vegetables/Fruit
                                    Granola Bars                      Soup 



Bremerton Backpack Brigade

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P.O. Box 2533 Bremerton, WA 98310



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