Thanks to High School Key Club
for Helping Shed All That Storage

Oct. 17, 2021

   Many thanks to advisor DeAnn Irish and her stellar group of teenagers, all members of the Bremerton High Key Club, who spent their Saturday morning emptying out the Brigade's two different storage sheds on the West Hills Elementary campus.

   We moved our food pantry suddenly in late August to Naval Ave Elementary just in time for the new school year but had to leave our sheds!

   So grateful to our volunteers Patti & Mike Peterson, Myra Battin, Tim & Sandy O'Hearn along with Ryan Rainer, from the Bremerton Habitat Store who brought the flat bed truck! 

key club.001.jpeg

 With everyone working alongside these terrific young folks (mostly getting out of their way) to help get goods moved it made the job go really fast.

   Thank you everyone for sharing your time on Saturday morning to help children and families who struggle with food insecurity in our community!

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It Takes a Mighty Team of Volunteers
To Help Feed More than 200 Children


Oct. 15, 2021

   What a busy Friday in Brigade Land: Lots of new faces joining familiar faces as we all come together to fight food insecurity in our community!

   It takes a lot of help to feed over 230 children this weekend. And the Brigade volunteers are so grateful for everyone's help!

   We are thankful for our new pantry and are making great use of the new space. So many things going on at the same time.

   Some folks were actually packing backpacks, others were in another space creating special colored tags and reminders, while another team was weighing the backpacks and making sure that they were checked off and going to the correct schools.

   And don't forget the crew at the front door who were greeting and checking COVID vaccination cards and screening folks.

   A special welcome to our four new Navy volunteers who jumped right in to pack backpacks, lifting lots of heavy boxes to help restock and set up tables for next week and then delivered backpacks to Kitsap Lake Elementary before calling it a day!

   Thank you folks for all of your hard work, passion and energy!

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Celebrating Sandy, & Her Birthday,
With 95 Backpacks for Hungry Kids

Oct. 15, 2021

   Happy Birthday Sandy O'Hearn!

   Thank you for spending a part of your special day at the Brigade pantry so that we could pack over 95 backpacks and feed over 230 children this weekend!

   Sandy is our amazing pantry director and keeps the pantry organized and well stocked to meet the increasing needs as new families join the program each week ( and usually on a late Thursday afternoon...).

   Thank you Sandy for your energy and passion for fighting food insecurity. Now take the weekend off and celebrate turning 25 yo (again and again) with your family and friends. May it be a time full of laughter, joy and even a much-earned nap!

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For Veggie

Oct. 14, 2021

   Looking for a way to help out?  
   The Brigade is thrilled that we are moving forward from the "Take Home" bags of the pandemic to using traditional backpacks!

    With that in mind, we are now starting to include our fresh vegetable packets in the backpacks again this school year.

   We need 4 to 5 volunteers to champion the task. 
   It involves meeting at the pantry on Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. to pack up some combination of baby carrots, celery, chunks of broccoli or cauliflower, sweet peppers, little cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, (in short, kid friendly, yummy, fun veggies), into individual baggies.

   The whole thing takes about an hour and a half. And it is a great way to introduce a variety of fresh veggies to a child as a snack or to be added to a meal.
If you think this is a volunteer opportunity that might work for you (doesn’t have to be every week) just let us know. You’ll be “in like Flynn,” whoever Flynn is. (It's actually Errol.) 

   Come join the fun!!!

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The Need is Real — And Growing.
And the Community is Responding!

Oct. 8, 2021

   What a good day!

   The Brigade has been experiencing amazing growth in the last six weeks since we kicked off the new program year on Friday, Sept. 10.

   We started out with a "soft opening" in our brand new pantry with 20 families at 3 schools as we transitioned from the COVID generalized "Take Home" bags back to our traditional customized backpacks (for food allergies, number of children in a household, access to a kitchen, etc.).

   Today we sent out over 90 backpacks to families at all 8 elementary schools. And our numbers continue to grow each week!

   The Brigade had 20 new families sign up for the program just late Thursday afternoon and so we were scrambling to get new backpacks labeled and prepared for the families.

   We are so deeply grateful for all of our new/old and in-between volunteers who showed up today to help us meet this increased need.

   Our volunteers ROCK!

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Thank You
For Helping

Oct. 8, 2021

   We are so grateful that all of our volunteers were showing up a little early today ready to fill out their COVID Vaccination survey and tracking sign-in forms.

   They showed their vaccine cards, got their temps checked and then went to work filling lots and lots of backpacks for hungry children at the 8 elementary schools we serve in Bremerton.

   Thank you for helping us create and maintain a safe working environment for all who come together to fight food insecurity and serve children!

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