Volunteers Customize Bags to Meet Families' Complicated Pandemic Needs 

Feb. 25, 2021

   Boy, Tuesday was quite the day!

   Change is the name of the game these days with the pandemic. Brigade volunteers have become very solid players when it comes to meeting the needs of our families we serve at 8 elementary schools in our community.

   As schools are moving into a hybrid model, we are working with the BSD school interventionist to finally be able to customize our weekly offerings.

   Hold on to your seats as this one is a wee bit complicated.

   We packed out a total of 168 bags. Of those bags, 129 were our standard "Take Home" bags and 39 were cloth bags with handles (Walmart) reusable bags (deemed safer than dealing with backpacks at this time).

   Of those 39 cloth bags, 11 were for families who have no access to a kitchen stove or oven and only use a microwave.    

   We switched out the scalloped potatoes and the Helper meal with microwave mac & cheese and Cup of Noodle soups. Not a great substitute but something at least to help warm hungry tummies.

   Two more special bags were created for children with food allergies, including one family that was sent Rice Chex cereal instead of the oat cereal due to an oatmeal allergy in the family.

   As they say: "It's complicated" but the great thing is that a total of over 1,885 lbs of food for 168 families in need was packed and sent out this week. 

    Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and BSD interventionist who help make this possible. And thank you Bremerton for your support!!!


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Kitsap Harvest

Unloads Bounty

Of Bag Goodies

Feb. 23, 2021

   WOW: Look at the amazing bounty that arrived today!

   Many thanks to Paisley and Brian, from Kitsap Harvest, who brought the Brigade over 1700 lbs of cereal, milk, canned veggies, fruit and soup.

   Along with lots of tuna, chicken, Mac and cheese, pasta and sauce, the list goes on and on. Such abundance will go a long way to help fill the 170+ weekly "Take Home" bags.

   The Brigade is so very grateful for this incredible donation of food to feed hungry children!

   Thank you @KitsapHarvest and thank you Paisley and Brian for your support!

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Meal Tips From Michelle: Get Your

Children to Help Prepare the Food 

Feb. 16, 2021

   Hi! This is Michelle, your Parent Liaison on behalf of #BremertonBackpackBrigade!

   I am here to support parents and their families via Facebook to better utilize this program, mainly with recipe and budget tips.

   This week I want to share my history with the program and my family of 7 at the time. I was a client and I would get the kids involved. It's a great way to spend time and teach them to prepare meals. Here's my daughter Nefertari in 2017, seen cooking a meal from
the bag.

  A tip for you: Sometimes it's hard to get kiddos to eat their veggies, but get your kids to decide what to fix. Chop up your veggies! 

   Let them pick the fruit for their side and add your protein or no protein to your main entree and, voila, you have a full meal.

   Get your kids to help! They love it! 

   Thank you!!! Feel free to share!!!

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Michelle Cardwell

Parent Liaison

Many Thanks to Salvation Army
of Bremerton for 800 lb of Food

Feb. 11, 2021

   Check it out: On Wednesday @MattBallard from the @KitsapHabitatStore delivered over 800 pounds of fruits and veggies, donated by the @BremertonSalvationArmy.

   Their gift arrived just in time to help us restock our bins as we prepare for next week's "Take Home" bags.

    Thank you Matt Ballard and thank you Bremerton Salvation Army. We are so grateful for the amazing community of support the Brigade has in our fight against food insecurity!

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#mattballard #bremertonsalvationarmy #feedhungrykids

Through Cold and Snow, Brigade

Volunteers Ensure Food Packed Up 

Feb. 11, 2021

  The weather prediction calls for major cold and snow... So our incredible volunteers came in three days early to make sure they could deliver the 175-plus Valentine "Take Home" bags before any snow started falling.

   We packed out over 2,375 lbs of food this week with large containers of cereal, milk, fresh fruit along with peanut butter and jam for sandwiches and to use to make sweet desserts just in case the power goes out!

   It was important to all of us that the families we serve would have that food support for the long cold weekend! Thank you Volunteers!

   Now it’s time for everyone to put their feet up, and maybe even enjoy the snow when it gets here!!!

Thanks to Jean Majercin for Helping

Brigade Write Grants for Food Funds

Feb. 9, 2021

   The COVID pandemic continues to cause such great hoopla in the lives of so many families that we serve.

   In response, the Brigade is having to purchase more and more food to feed the 175-plus families that we are serving each week with our "Take Home" bags.

   The average "Take Home" bag costs $10-14, running well over $2,000 a week to feed children in our community

   We are so grateful to @JeanMajercin for her expertise in grant writing and welcome her to join us in the fight against food insecurity.

   Thank you for sharing your time and talents to feed hungry children Jean Majercin - you ROCK!!!

#Bremertonbackpackbrigade        #covid19pandemic        #feedhungrykids          #JeanMajercin

Volunteers Like Rob S. and Ryan S.

Keep the Food Coming for Needy Kids

Feb. 5, 2021

   Lots of good things happened this Friday morning between 8:30 and 9:15 am at the Brigade pantry.

   In the brief 45-minute period of time when the doors of the pantry flung open until they closed for the weekend, folks came together and their actions made a huge difference for many families who struggle with food insecurity in our community.

   Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers, including Rob S. from @KiwanisClubofBremerton, who picked up and delivered over 175 of our weekly "Take Home" bags to the eight elementary schools we currently serve so that they can be distributed by the school staff.

   And many thanks to Ryan S. who helped with packing out over 100 pounds of food for two emergency food boxes for families in crisis.

   As quickly as the pantry doors open, challenges are addressed and solutions found.

   Thank you to our amazing volunteers for your passion and energy! Thank you Bremerton for your ongoing support of the Brigade and making this possible!

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Gifts, Food, Families,

Students, Volunteers

Help BBB Succeed

Feb. 2, 2021

   So many good things are happening in “Brigade Land."

   Many thanks to:

   • @JeffReedStateFarmInsuranceAgency in Silverdale, who donated over $250 from their “Quotes for Good” campaign;

   • @NicolaChamness, from Washbern Reality, who delivered a 100-plus pounds of grocery items to help fill the weekly 'Take Home" bags; 

   • Claudia Hunt, who joined the fun and donated 35-plus pounds of food as well. This will help fill lots of hungry tummies!

   We welcomed two new high school seniors who have started to help pack the 175-plus "Take Home" bags every week, as part of their community service requirement for high school graduation.

   One regular volunteer, brought her Aunt and

Uncle to help pack bags for the second time.

   And the icing on the cake is that more volunteers have committed to come pick up the filled bags at our pantry and deliver them to the schools. From there the interventionist can get them distributed now that schools have moved into a hybrid mode for classes! 

 Everywhere we see Community in Action! We see people, businesses and organizations that have joined the Brigade in our quest to help children and families in need. They recognize that the need is great and the hunger is real for so many that we serve.

   Each action= is a gift of time, talent and treasure, which makes a genuine difference in the lives of children and families in our community who live with food insecurity.

   Thank you Bremerton- We are so grateful!!!


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Pack in Protein 

During Meat

Sale at Saar's

Jan. 18, 2021

   Check it out: Starting this Thursday, our partner @SaarsSuperSaverStore in East Bremerton is having a 4-day meat sale.

   Now is the perfect time for our families to use their $25 protein vouchers they received in late January's "Take Home" bags to fill their freezer full of yummy protein choices.

   We know that healthy protein helps build strong bodies and minds and keep tummies full as children focus on learning!!! The Brigade's monthly protein vouchers can also be redeemed with our partners at @WinCo and @BremertonGroceryOutlet.

   The Brigade will be sending out our next vouchers in mid-February. Happy cooking!

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Jan. 29, 2021

   The Brigade needs some help!

   Our normal distribution sources and food drives are out of commission during this pandemic. But we're still trying to help 175-plus families in need in our community through our weekly "Take Home" bags.

   Food insecurity is more pressing for families as the economy is so challenged.

   So, please check out the picture, and if you are out shopping and can grab some of these items to donate, please do.

   Donations can be dropped off by appointment at the pantry (please call Myra Battin at (360) 471-9588) or at the Kitsap Habitat Store, 3451 Wheaton Way.

   Schools are now moving into a hybrid mode but we will continue to aid families in need in conjunction with the Bremerton School District Grab-N-Go meal program.

   Thank you, Bremerton, for your help in making this possible!!!

Bremerton Backpack Brigade

(360) 471-9588
P.O. Box 2533 Bremerton, WA 98310



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