As COVID Continues, Needy Families
Keep Coming to Brigade for Help

Jan. 14, 2022

   This is what we did today, the second week of January 2022!

   The Bremerton Backpack Brigade has added 25 new children (from just one school) to our program since the Winter term began on Jan. 3. We thought that we had maxed out when we had 322 children enrolled, as we packed our annual Winter Break Food boxes on Dec. 14.
  We are anticipating more children to be added to the rolls from a different school next week. COVID is making it very challenging for our volunteers these days!
  Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and thank you to Bremerton for making this possible!

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Brother Don's, Bad Santa Do a Great
Thing to Help Stock Pantry Shelves


Jan. 14, 2022

   Many thanks to Brother Don's Bar & Grill in Bremerton and Bad Santa and Mrs. Claus (aka Don & Patti Markwick) for hosting their recent fundraiser for the Brigade during the holiday season.

   This gift arrives just in time to help us restock the Brigade's bare pantry shelves after the marathon annual Winter Break Food box pack out.

   It was a fun time for all and a great way to help feed hungry children in our community!

   Thank you Brother Don's Bar & Grill and Thank you to Don and Patti Markwick for your kindness and support of the Brigade and the work we do to fight food insecurity in our community!

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Please Get Your Children Vaccinated!


Jan. 13, 2022

   COVID-19 is causing major hoopla in all aspects of life in Kitsap County.

   Please get your children vaccinated. The Kitsap Public Health District is holding vaccination clinics for children ages 5-11 years old on Friday and Monday, Jan. 14 and 17. Please watch for future dates.
  Just today, in response to critical levels of staff absences and spiking COVID activity in their schools, the South Kitsap Schools will be closed on Jan. 14. Students will return to campus on Wednesday, Jan. 19.

   We want all kids and school staff to be safe and in school learning, but everyone must help! Protect your pod!



See Behind The Scenes as Volunteers
Pack, Deliver for More Than 320 Kids

Jan. 5, 2022

   The great folks at the Kitsap Sun came to capture some pics during our annual Winter Break Food box packing and delivering marathon in December. Take a look behind the scenes at our amazing volunteers!

   There were a lot of moving parts the last week of school before Christmas as the food boxes were being packed.

   At the same time that volunteers were busy packing out food boxes to feed over 320 children for the long winter break we had folks picking up backpacks from the schools so we could be ready when the Brigade resumes on Jan. 7.

   And we had folks delivering donations to the pantry to help restock. (And in some cases the food went right back out the door to a family in need the same day!)

   It truly takes "a village" to feed over 320 children, and a lot of muscle (and a van from AmeriCorp sure helps).

   Each box weighs around 40 pounds and is packed full of food and topped off with treats including reindeer candy canes, pocket book journals, handmade quilts, blankets and pillowcases.

   Thanks to our volunteers we packed, pushed, pulled and delivered over 5,800 pounds of food to help the children and their families that we serve.

   Thank you to the Kitsap Sun for capturing the Brigade in action and sharing these behind-the-scenes pics!

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Many Thanks, Bremerton, For Helping
Us Pivot in the Pandemic to Help Kids

   Happy New Year, Bremerton!

   Gosh it feels good to be able to finally say that phrase!

   We all know that 2020, 2021 and the COVID pandemic have continued to be overwhelming and challenging for so many in our community.

   And yet we have managed to change course, get around obstacles and move forward in this adventure.

   Thank you for helping over 320 children and their families who face food insecurity live a brighter life through your support of the Brigade.

   We wish you a great holiday with your family and friends! Thank you Bremerton!

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Dec. 31, 2021

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