Moving Day — June 2020

June 28, 2020

   The school year is over and Saturday, June 26, was our "annual" Moving Day, when we take our vast treasures and shelves and hoopla from the old pantry to a new one.

   Many thanks to Dr. Aaron Leavell and the Bremerton School District for finding us a new space — literally across the playground, a tuna can's long throw from the existing pantry.

   Special thanks to Matt Ballard of the Habitat for Humanity Kitsap Store for bringing his magical moving truck, and to all our wonderful volunteers.

   Still a lot of sorting and restocking to do, but we'll be ready to go in the fall! Have a great summer- Stay Safe!

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Other Sources of Food This Summer

June 26, 2020

   Another source of free meals for families in the community. Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many things are on a "grab and go" format. Also there is contact info for the various food banks in Kitsap County. Please share this info with others.

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Free Grab & Go Meals From BSD

June 22, 2020

   It may be summer break but kids will still wake up and wonder where's is breakfast and parents will still struggle how to feed their families. Thanks to the BSD there are some solutions! Please share this info to friends and families! Many thanks!

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As We Prepare to Move, a 'Thank You'

to Community for COVID-19 Response

June 19, 2020

   This is what the Brigade's pantry looks like after packing out 14 weeks of "Take Home" bags, annual food boxes and monthly protein vouchers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

   We are so grateful to our wonderful volunteers and all the amazing groups and folks who came to the pantry with donations to help make this response possible.

   Your generous support allowed us to serve more families in need in our community. Many families in the "shadow of hunger" found themselves suddenly in need as the pandemic continues to march through and cause medical and economic havoc for so many.

   And thankfully we were able to pack out several emergency boxes of food for new families when a crisis occurred (death, illness, injury etc).

   We will be packing up and preparing to move to our new pantry space with the Bremerton School District later this summer. We look forward to getting back in to the swing of things with the new school year this fall.

   Regardless of how the new school year may look, be assured that the Brigade will be there to help children and families fight food insecurity! Have a great summer break- Stay Safe!

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Heroes from Bremerton Schools
Help Make COVID Response Possible

June 18, 2020

   In a crisis,  some folks go way beyond the call of duty to help others in need.

   These fine folks are heroes in our book: Courtney Hjelmaa from Crownhill; Tony Averson from Naval Ave.; Kasia Roque from West Hills STEM along with Chad Felix from Kitsap Mental Health, Rafael Sermeno, from Armin Jahr, and Brigitte Vernon, from Kitsap Lake. All came to the Brigade's pantry every Wednesday morning.

   There is no need for a gym when they are busy helping to deliver over 33,045 pounds of food (not counting a million bags of Eastern Washington potatoes) and $6,000 in protein vouchers for families fighting food insecurity in our community!

   This also allowed the interventionist to reach families who are struggling in the "shadows of hunger" and need help as they struggle with the crisis.   It is through our amazing partnership with Dr. Aaron Leavell, the staff at the Bremerton School District and the community that the

Brigade's can respond to the COVID-19 pandemic this spring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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Volunteers Pack

4,332 lbs. of Food

to End School Year

June 17, 2020

   Today is our final day of the "Take Home" bags and our annual "End of School Year" food boxes for the 2019-2020 school year! 

   Can you believe that it is Week 14 of our 'Take Home' bags in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

   It has been a busy three days at the pantry. Volunteers packed 94 boxes each weighing in at 37 lbs - total of 3,478 lbs — and also another 61 "Take Home" bags of food each weighing 14 lbs, for a total of 854 lbs.

   There are lots of empty shelves and we are thrilled that each of the food boxes included large containers of peanut butter, dried beans, canned meats and 2 quarts of shelf-stable milk to help families.

   We packed a grand total of 4,332 pounds of food between

 the boxes and bags and hopefully helped a lot of families as we wrapped up for the year! 

   We are so grateful for everyone's support as we worked hard to adapt to these challenging times and continue to feed hungry children and families in our community.

   We look forward to working with the Bremerton School District as we move to new space this summer for our pantry and plan for the new school year this fall!

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Frankel Foundation's $10,000 Gift

Will Help Brigade Keep Feeding Kids

June 5, 2020

   WOW! The Brigade volunteers are speechless and so thankful to the Raymond Frankel Foundation's $10,000 donation toward our mission fighting food insecurity.

   With the COVID-19 pandemic causing great challenges for many, the family foundation wanted to make a donation to an organization who is helping to feed children and families in these trying times in the Puget Sound area.

We are so grateful to our partners at the Bremerton Foodline. Their staff unanimously suggested the Bremerton Backpack Brigade when the Foundation asked about potential organizations for funding.

   This generous gift will go a long way as the Brigade continues to find creative ways to help feed hungry families in our community. The need is great and the hunger is real. Thank you Raymond Frankel Foundation— you ROCK!!!

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