Summer's Coming and End-of-Year
Food Boxes Will Go Out on June 8

May 26, 2021

    It is a busy time of year at the Brigade as we start to wrap up this wild and crazy school year! Regular packing and delivery of our "Take Home" bags goes through Friday, June 4. 

   And then it is time for our final pack out for 2020-2021! 
   Our annual 'End of School" Food boxes will be going out the door during the week of June 8.

   The boxes will be packed full of food items that will hopefully help stretch the family dinner menus as well as decrease the stress on families as they transition to summer.

   Just to add some new excitement to the summer plans, the Board has agreed to expand our community outreach. Over the summer months, the Brigade will be experimenting with food distribution at each school, at least once a month.

   We are still working on a plan, but Tuesday, June 29 is the projected first date. 
   Things are really hopping at the Brigade pantry. Keep checking in on Facebook and our Web site for more information.
   Thank you to our amazing volunteers and thank you Bremerton for helping to make it happen!

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Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 1.17.03 PM.png
Brigade Planning Expanded
Summer Community Outreach 

Gift from Daniel Adriatico, Masonic
Temple Will Help Fund Summer Food

May 26, 2021

   Guess what happened on Friday?
   Many thanks to Daniel Adriatico and the generous folks at the Bremerton Masonic Temple who donated $500 to help us fight food insecurity in our community!

   Their gift arrives just in time as we plan and prepare for our annual "End of School" food boxes that will be going out to the 8 elementary schools we serve in early June.
   Every year we send out food boxes packed with food staples that will hopefully help take the edge off of our families as they transition to the long summer break.

   Thank you Daniel Adriatico and Bremerton Masonic Temple for your support of the Brigade and the children we serve each week-this donation will help feed hungry kids!!!

A Season of Gratitude for Friends
Who Make Brigade Mission Succeed

May 26, 2021

   It is Spring with bright skies! We are grateful to the amazing support that the Brigade receives from the BSD staff, our wonderful volunteers and the generous Bremerton community that joins us in our quest against food insecurity.

   We can rest knowing that this weekend the children we serve at 8 elementary schools will have full tummies and be ready for the school bell on Monday to ring!

   Happy Weekend!!!

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Volunteers Add 'Kindness Cards' 
To This Week's Take Home Bags 

May 4, 2021

   Gosh what a busy Tuesday!

   This incredible crew packed up over 1,540 pounds of food to send home to hungry kids.

   Then, they shifted gears and “reset” the work table with another 1,500-2,000 pounds of food, so we’ll be ready to send food out again next week!

   Our morning was filled with lots of fun, laughter and so much kindness.

   Notice the cards in the hands of the volunteers! These are “Kindness Cards” that were added to this week's "Take Home" bags so our children will have an idea of how much their community cares about them!

   The notes, filled with kind wishes written by volunteers, also includes a special message from Dr. Aaron A. Leavell, Superintendent, Bremerton School District 100-C.

   The envelopes also are filled with little surprises (like stickers) wishing our kids lots of kindness in their day!

   Between packing the take home bags and the reset, volunteers moved over 3,000 pounds of food in about 90 minutes this morning! That builds lots of muscles — no need to go to the gym!

   The Brigade is more grateful for the kindness our community demonstrates everyday and for the willing hearts and hands of our volunteers, than we have words to express!

   Thank you everyone!!! You are making a difference!

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dear folks.jpg

Jan. 29, 2021

   The Brigade needs some help!

   Our normal distribution sources and food drives are out of commission during this pandemic. But we're still trying to help 175-plus families in need in our community through our weekly "Take Home" bags.

   Food insecurity is more pressing for families as the economy is so challenged.

   So, please check out the picture, and if you are out shopping and can grab some of these items to donate, please do.

   Donations can be dropped off by appointment at the pantry (please call Myra Battin at (360) 471-9588) or at the Kitsap Habitat Store, 3451 Wheaton Way.

   Schools are now moving into a hybrid mode but we will continue to aid families in need in conjunction with the Bremerton School District Grab-N-Go meal program.

   Thank you, Bremerton, for your help in making this possible!!!

THis is what hunger looks 6_19.png