Remember the Great Give & the BBB!

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Remember the Kitsap Great Give and Bremerton Backpack Brigade, April 20! Check it out!


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Spring Is Time for Gratitude

April 6, 2021

   Thankful for Spring Break!

   So grateful for all the support that the Bremerton community gives to the Brigade!

   So pleased that the Brigade was able to send out our annual Spring Break Food boxes packed full of nutritious food including fresh fruit and shelf-stable milk to the approximately 170 families  we serve in the eight elementary schools.

   So grateful...

   Thank you Bremerton for making this possible!!!

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For Sixth Year, Brigade is Proud

To Be Part of Kitsap Great Give

April 2, 2021

   April is normally full of all kinds of great fun and surprise: jokes and pranks, baseball, taxes (oh boy, and hopefully refunds...), sunshine and showers leading to May flowers.

   And on April 20th is the annual Kitsap Great Give!

   The Kitsap Great Give is a 24-hour, online giving event organized by the Kitsap Community Foundation to grow philanthropy in the Kitsap County area.

   We are so excited and this marks the sixth year for the Brigade to participate.

It’s not to take the place of year-round giving, but it is a day to celebrate Kitsap's spirit of generosity and support the work of the community's nonprofits.

   For 24 hours on April 20, you can review the profiles of over 300 local nonprofit organizations at   

   Donate to as many of them as you'd like.

   The Great Give sponsors boost your dollars so nonprofits get even more than you donate! A $100 donation could become $120 or more. Plus, donations can help the nonprofits win prizes throughout the day.

   So mark your calendars and plan to join the fun in building a stronger community for all of our citizens.

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Apples, Oranges, Healthy Foods

Fill Over 160 Spring Break Boxes

March 31, 2021

   What a beautiful day to be packing and delivering 160-plus annual Spring Break Food boxes to families whose children are attending the eight elementary school programs that we serve!

   Over 5,360 lb of goodies will help our families stretch their menu and budgets over the long school break.
   Add in the Bunny invasion, lots of fresh apples and oranges and there are treats for everyone to enjoy!

   Thank you Bremerton for your support for children and families who struggle against food insecurity.

   Your support makes the Brigade's work possible.

   Happy Spring Break!!!

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Kiwanis Club of Bremerton Springs

Into Action for Treats, Strong Teeth

March 29, 2021

   Wow Spring is in the air and a 'Bunny Invasion" is happening at the pantry this Monday morning!

   Many thanks to Patti Peterson, Sunny Wheeler and Liz Gross from the Kiwanis Club of Bremerton who delivered these delightful treats just in time to go out with the annual Spring Break Food boxes.

   A wonderful blend of treats along with a new tooth brush and toothpaste for brushing the teeth afterwards to help keep teeth healthy is just what the tooth fairy ordered! Strong teeth, strong bodies and minds help children as they focus on learning especially as children struggle with school challenges due to the pandemic!

   We are so grateful to our community partners at the Kiwanis Club of Bremerton for all of their generous support of the Brigade and the 170-plus families that we serve each week who are struggling with food insecurity.

   Their volunteers gifts of time, talents, treasure and treats make a huge difference in the lives of others!

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Kiwanis Club
of Bremerton

With Spring Comes More Donations, Cleaning and Food Boxes for Break

March 24, 2021

   Spring is in the air! The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing.

   And many spring thanks to Tara Chambless (right), who delivered over 50 lb. of food on behalf of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC).

   The Brigade is delighted by this donation and all the ways our community supports the work of feeding hungry children and families who struggle with food insecurity.

   Their gift arrives just in time to help out with Spring Break.

   You know what Spring also means? It is time for deep cleaning.

   On Tuesday, our amazing Pantry manager, Sandy O’Hearn (lower right), emptied all the bins, normally holding thousands of pounds food to fill about 170 "Take Home" bags every week. She washed them and then sanitized flat surfaces throughout the entire pantry. The pantry is sparkling and safe for our volunteers!

   We are excited that next week the Brigade will be sending out our annual Spring Break Food Boxes.

   Each major break, we pack and deliver extra food for our families to use to help decrease the stress on families who are struggling. With the pandemic, the needs are even higher.

   Thank you Tara and the GFWC and thank you Sandy — you all ROCK. What a wonderful community we have!!

   This is community in action!

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Protein Voucher Program Gets Big Boost Thanks to Suquamish Appendix X Grant

March 23, 2021

   The Brigade is thrilled to learn that we have been awarded a $2,000 Appendix X grant by the Suquamish Tribe. These funds will be used for the protein voucher program as well as food support for the Brigade as we endeavor to feed ~170 families each week during the pandemic.

   Since March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there have been a lot of changes made and the Brigade pivoted from backpacks to using "Take Home" bags for safety.

   We also had to stop holding our large community food drives, resulting in the need for the Brigade to purchase more food. And the number of families in need has risen as the pandemic continues to place a chokehold on the economy.

   One thing that has not changed is the Brigade's determination to feed hungry children so that they will be prepared to learn and not have to focus on empty tummies.

   The Appendix X grant will arrive just in time to help us purchase more food to fill the annual Spring Break food boxes that will go out to families next week.

   The Brigade goal is to send home enough food each weekend for all of the children in a household and adapt as we can for food allergies.

   Many thanks, Suquamish Tribe, for your support of children and families who face food insecurity in our community!

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Jan. 29, 2021

   The Brigade needs some help!

   Our normal distribution sources and food drives are out of commission during this pandemic. But we're still trying to help 175-plus families in need in our community through our weekly "Take Home" bags.

   Food insecurity is more pressing for families as the economy is so challenged.

   So, please check out the picture, and if you are out shopping and can grab some of these items to donate, please do.

   Donations can be dropped off by appointment at the pantry (please call Myra Battin at (360) 471-9588) or at the Kitsap Habitat Store, 3451 Wheaton Way.

   Schools are now moving into a hybrid mode but we will continue to aid families in need in conjunction with the Bremerton School District Grab-N-Go meal program.

   Thank you, Bremerton, for your help in making this possible!!!

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