Thank You, Kiwanis Club! Brigade 
Honored for Work Fighting Hunger 

Jan. 13, 2021

   An amazing thing happened on Tuesday when the volunteers and supporters of the Brigade were honored with an award from the George F. Hixson Fellowship, through the Kiwanis Club of Bremerton.

   Designated “For generosity and inspiration that extends your Kiwanis impact," the award recognizes how the work of the Brigade parallels the focus of Kiwanis as we are all working to make a difference in the lives of children in our community.

   Serving children is at the heart of the mission for the Kiwanis and the Bremerton Backpack Brigade!

   The Bremerton Kiwanis has been a faithful supporter of the Brigade as members regularly volunteer with the Brigade as well as through financial gifts. This has been a huge impact as we all work to serve children and families impacted by the pandemic.

   The Brigade is very grateful for the George F. Hixson Fellowship award and the support of the @KiwanisClubofBremerton. Thank you!

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Hybrid 'Back to Building' Program Set for Kindergarten Thru 2nd Grade

Jan. 8, 2021

   Here is an important update for families from the Bremerton School Superintendent regarding schools beginning their "Back-to-Building" plans with hybrid learning on Tuesday, January 26! 
   We are excited at this forward movement in the pandemic. 
   Although we are not sure how all this will play out, the Brigade remains flexible and fully committed to feeding hungry children in the 8 schools we serve each week!  

   We are working with the BSD interventionists to continue to plan, prepare and deliver the 170+ "Take Home" bags that our families depend on as well as the monthly protein vouchers to help make ends meet.  
   Our hope is that with this support children will be ready to learn whether they are in the classroom or connected to online learning.  
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Thank You

Jan. 5, 2021

   This is why the Bremerton Backpack Brigade exists.

   Our organization tries to make a difference for the ~170 plus families we serve, one Backpack, school break food box and "Take Home" bag at a time!

   The Brigade volunteers do not let a pandemic stop us!

   Thank you Bremerton and to our amazing volunteers for all of your ongoing generous support to make this possible. 

After a Tough Year of Big Change,
Looking Forward to a Healing 2021

Jan. 5, 2021

   Happy New Year, Bremerton!

   Gosh it feels good to be able to finally say that phrase!

   We all know that 2020 and the pandemic have been overwhelming and challenging for so many in our community. And yet we have managed to change course, get around obstacles and move forward in this adventure.

   Thank you for helping children and their families who face food insecurity live a brighter life through your support of the Brigade. We wish you a great holiday with your family and friends, on Zoom!

   Thank you Bremerton!!!

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Local Amazon, Costco Employees
Team up to Deliver 1,200+ lb of Food

Jan. 8, 2021

   So....”a BIG thing” happened at the Bremerton Backpack Brigade's pantry just before Christmas Eve. A good thing! A VERY GOOD thing!

   Our local, thru Costco delivery, donated over 1,200 lbs of non-perishable foods items to send home to the 170+ families that the Brigade serves each week. We had sent home over 5,100 lbs of food in the annual winter break boxes and that left some pretty bare shelves in the pantry.

   This delivery makes a huge difference and helps immediately next week when school gets back into session! We have lots of "Take Home" bags to fill after the long Winter break. Our families are counting on our help as we move through the pandemic.

   Thank you to our community partner @Amazon, and to @Costco for facilitating the delivery. All this wonderful food will fill a lot of hungry tummy’s just around the corner in the new year!

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