Giving Tuesday is This Week:

Please Remember the Brigade!

Nov. 29, 2020

    #GivingTuesday is just around the corner — Tuesday, Dec. 1st!

   Join the movement and help make a difference for our community!

   Remember that pocket change for you could mean everything to your neighbor. It is a great way to support charities in our community that are working hard to make a difference for the folks they serve. And it is part of an international day of giving.

   Not sure where to begin? Y'all know which direction I'm pointing you in!      






   The need is great, the hunger is real for the 160+ families that the Brigade is serving each week as the pandemic continues to march onward and cause havoc for so many!

   Thank you so much for your support!

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Bountiful Harvest

Nov. 25, 2020

   We all know what a crazy year 2020 has been with the pandemic causing lots of challenges and lasting far longer than anyone thought back in March when schools had to change to remote learning.

   Since then, lots of changes in how we do our day- to- day business have occurred for all of us. Temp checks, hand washing, face masks and social distance are now on everyone's radar.

   Thankfully the Brigade has been creative and able to pivot so that we can remain committed to help families in our community who face food insecurity.

   We are so grateful for our amazing volunteers who plan, shop and pack out 160+ "Take Home" bags and the BSD interventionist who deliver them each week to the students at 8 schools in our community. Each bag contains a variety of high protein food stables to help make life a little less stressful and in hopes that it will help to build strong minds and bodies for the children we serve.

   We are grateful to all of the business, civic groups and individuals who have reached out to help support the Brigade as we continue to roll with the changes that the pandemic forces us to respond to. We know that one day, when the dust settles ( maybe next fall???) we will be able to get back to our food drives at local grocery stores which help us stretch our budget.

   Currently, thanks to the generous support of the community, we are able to add a $25 protein voucher to each "Take Home" bag once a month. The vouchers help the family purchase fresh or frozen meat, fish, eggs and dried beans at Grocery Outlet, Saar's or WinCo to help expand their weekend menu.

   The reality is that the need is great ( and growing), the hunger is real for the children and families that we serve each week.

   Thank you Bremerton for your ongoing support and help to make this a reality! Please stay safe in these challenging times. Be kind...

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Grocery Outlet Joins Stores Offering

Vouchers to Help Families Get Protein 

Nov. 24, 2020

   The Brigade is so excited for our new partnership with the Bremerton Grocery Outlet.

   The Grocery Outlet joins Saar's and WinCo in honoring the Brigade's $25 protein vouchers that we give to families to assist in the purchase of good sources of protein to enhance their meals.

   We all realize that good sources of protein such as fish, meat, eggs, beans, etc., all help build strong bodies and minds but they are expensive.

   Thank you Grocery Outlet, WinCo and Saar's for helping us fight food insecurity for the 160 families we serve each week as the challenges from the pandemic continue to rage on and the needs of families grow.

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Volunteers Pack 2,030 Pounds of Food
and Protein Vouchers for Thanksgiving

Nov. 23, 2020

   Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers who came on Monday to pack over 2,030 lbs of special Thanksgiving "Take Home" bags for the ~160 families that we serve. 

   Lots of hand sanitizer, face masks and proper social-distancing (except for this 30 sec photo op request) helped keep everyone safe. We are happy to have several children helping us today!

   We are grateful that we could include $25 protein vouchers with the Thanksgiving bags to hopefully help families with their holiday meal shopping. Food insecurity is very real for families we serve each week during the school year. 

   We are so thankful for the ongoing generous support of the Bremerton community to help us with our mission "to serve the first needs of the child so that they may learn" even in the midst of challenges like the pandemic!

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Brigade Welcomes Michelle Cardwell

to Board as New Liaison to Parents

Nov. 17, 2020

   The Brigade is thrilled to welcome Michelle Cardwell as she joins the board as our new parent liaison.

   Several years ago, Michelle's children were active participants in the Brigade's backpack program.

   Michelle has a real passion for creative cooking and frequently shared pics of yummy meals on FB she prepared for her family using the contents of the weekly backpack. This helped inspire other parents to cook healthy meals for their children.

   Michelle and her family are huge supporters of "giving back'" to the community. They participate in community food drives, participating in videos for the Brigade as well as helping out in the pantry.

    Thank you Michelle for joining us in the fight against food insecurity!!!

#Bremertonbackpackbrigade      #feedhungrykids.       #MichelleCardwellRocks Team Delivers 700 lbs

of Food and Many Smiles to Brigade

Nov. 14, 2020

   Check it out: What a great surprise for a cold, damp gray Saturday morning, as a team from the local came to the Brigade's food pantry.

   The crew dropped off over 700 lbs of food that had been collected for the Brigade over the last month!

    All this wonderful food will help fill the ~165 "Take Home" bags that the Brigade volunteers pack each week to feed hungry children/families in our community!

   As the pandemic continues to rage, we are so grateful for businesses, civic groups and individuals to find creative ways to support us!

   THANK YOU AMAZON!! The Brigade and the families that we serve are very grateful!!!

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COVID Growth Keeps Schools Closed

Nov. 6, 2020

    Alert: The Bremerton School District has just announced that schools will not reopen as planned next week and remote learning will continue. This is because COVID-19 cases are continuing to increase in Kitsap County.
   The message from the BSD also states the existing meal program will continue.
   The Brigade supports the BSD administration. We will continue our "Take Home" bag program to the ~165 families we serve each week. Our goal is for children to be able to learn and that they and educators be safe!!! 

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Remember to Get Flu Shots For You
& Your Family — This Fall Especially

Oct. 23, 2020

   It is that time of year!

   And it is even more important now to get your flu shot as the country faces all the havoc of the COVID-19 pandemic.

   Symptoms of the flu can mimic COVID. Please be careful and stay safe for your sake, your family's sake and the sake of the community!

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Free Flu Shots Available This Month

Oct. 30, 2020

   Warning: While flu season typically peaks between December and February, a positive flu test was reported in Kitsap County this week, indicating influenza viruses may already be circulating in our community. So getting a flu shot for you and your family has never been more important. 

   Health experts warn the presence of both influenza and COVID-19 this fall and winter could increase people’s risk for severe illness and put a strain health care services. 
   A flu vaccine is the best way to prevent seasonal flu. Vaccines are recommended for everyone aged 6 months and older. 

   By getting a flu vaccine, you can:
         Protect your health and your family’s health. Protect vulnerable loved ones, friends, and neighbors.
         Protect essential workers, including first responders and healthcare workers.
         Help ensure hospitals and clinics have capacity to respond to COVID-19 and other serious health conditions.

   Many thanks to the Kitsap Public Health District staff for offering free flu shot clinics throughout the county to help keep our citizens healthy.

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