School Bells Are Warming Up! Please
Start Collecting 2022-23 Backpacks

July 29, 2022

   The calendar and the summer heat says it is still July but the store shelves remind us that the school bells will be ringing very soon.

   If you are out shopping, please consider picking up some new sturdy backpacks to donate to the Brigade.

   Each child receives a brand new backpack to start the program year. We go through a lot of backpacks over the year as new children are added to the program nearly every week throughout the year or backpacks get torn and worn-out from use.

   School bells ring on August 31 and the Brigade's official kick-off is Friday, September 16!

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Will You
to Help
Hungry Kids?

July 29, 2022

   We are so thankful for our wonderful volunteers!!

   This program would not be possible without the gift of their time, talent and occassionally their treasures!

   Rotating, weekly teams volunteers pack "Take Home" Bags and deliver them to each elementary school. We use COVID-19 precautions, including masks, social-distancing and of course hand-washing.

   We deliver over 2,000 pounds of food to the eight elementary schools served every week during the school year!

   From arrival at our "pantry" (space donated by the Bremerton School District) to delivering backpacks to the schools, volunteers serve about two hours a week, once a month.


Shelves Are Nearly Empty — For Now.
But New School Year Starts Sept. 16

July 24, 2022

   The skies are sunny and blue, the temps are warm (hot???) the calendar says it is officially summer break — but the leadership team of the Bremerton Backpack Brigade is busy preparing for the new school year.

   With classes beginning on Aug. 31, we are looking forward to officially starting our 2022-23 weekend feeding program on Friday, Sept 16. This is just around the corner, and there is lots to do!

   Our shelves are very empty — just enough items for the summer emergency boxes that are being requested. There are community fundraisers, food drives and volunteer training sessions on the calendar.

   (Remember: For the safety of all participants young and mature, ALL volunteers will again need to be fully vaccinated and show proof.)

   We are excited because there are all kinds of ways for folks to volunteer and help in the fight against food insecurity in our community.

   Keep an eye out for more details. In the meantime have a great summer break and stay cool!

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Beat The Heat With Bingo
For the BBB at McCLoud's

July 31
5 p.m.

July 22, 2022

   Come out to McCloud's Grill House in Bremerton on Sunday, July 31, for great food, Bingo and a chance to help the Bremerton Backpack Brigade get ready for the upcoming school year.

   McCloud's Bingo night will donate half the big cash prize from the last game to the Brigade! Come join the fun, enjoy the food and help the Brigade feed hungry kids!

   McCloud's is located at 4111 Wheaton Way.

   Thank you, McCloud's!


Food and Hunger Don't Take Summers Off. Please Help the Bremerton Foodline

July 22, 2022

   Today is July 20th. It has been over a month since the Brigade's Summer Break Food boxes were delivered to help feed over 330 children that we served during the school year. And it is well over a month until the school bells ring for the beginning of a new school year, and open schools means meal support for the kids.

   Our partners, the Bremerton Foodline, needs folks to help as there is an increasing need for food support in our community during this summer!      

   The demands are higher than ever.
  For many of us, this is the sweet spot of the summer — the skies are crystal blue and the temps are finally warm and life is good. But for a lot of families in our community, there is a lot of uncertainty, frustration and pain.
  Folks are stressed and struggling to make ends meet, the price of gas, while lower, is still over $5/gal and a box of cereal seems to have shrunk overnight. Families are struggling to put food on the dinner table. never mind the idea of 3 meals a day.
  Looking for a way to make a concrete difference this summer? How about an informal (or formal, for that matter) food drive for the Foodline? Have neighborhood food drive, or one at your church, the office, at the baseball game, or bring cans of food instead of birthday presents, or as part of family reunion.

   Or maybe write a check to the Foodline. Cash allows the agency to purchase the specialty items that they need.

   Anything you can do can help is appreciated. 

Bremerton Foodline Summer Wish List

They are always in need of Vegan, Sugar-Free, and Halal items.

Mac & cheese

• Tomato sauce

• Non-dairy milk

• Cereal, oats, and rice

• Holiday dinner food (gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.)

• Juice boxes

• Healthy kids snacks

• Jam/Jelly (plastic containers preferred)

• Condiments (ketchup, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper, etc.)

• Disposable diapers (sizes 5-6)

• Hygiene products

Cat food (dry and wet) and litter



Note: The Foodline is prohibited from accepting partially used products

or home canned items.

  Check out the Foodline's summer wish list and share it with your friends.

   It takes a village to help fight food insecurity and build a stronger community. Join the fight and help out our partners at the Bremerton Foodline this summer!

   Thank you on behalf of the Bremerton Foodline and the 330-plus children the Brigade serves during the school year for thinking of the hungry people of all ages in our community!

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