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Bremerton Backpack Brigade

Archives 2021-2022

new school year.png

Farmers Market Kicks Off New Year With Food Drive — 8/20/21

welcome to 2021.png

Backpacks Start Going Out by Late September — 8/30/21

Our roomy.png

Our Roomy New Pantry Will Help Keep COVID Rules — 9/2/21

all volunteers.png

All Volunteers Must Be Vaccinated — 9/8/21

Thanks Mask.png

United Way Donates Face Masks  — 9/9/21

Backs are back.png

Backpacks Are Back at Our New Pantry — 9/13/21

The Brigade needs.png

The Brigade Needs Volunteers — 9/15/21

This Holiday.png

This Holiday, Think of the Brigade When Shopping — 9/20/21

Hillcrest church.png

Hillcrest Church Donates More Than 90 lb of Food — 9/27/21

Peninsula Fruit.png

Peninsula Fruit Provides an Apple Bounty — 10/1/21

Bremerton Kiwanians.png

Kiwanians Name BBB Director Honorary Member — 10/1/21

generous coram.png

Generous Coram Deo Church Donates Food, Cash — 10/4/21

Initial operation.png

Initial Operation Vaccine Screen a Success — 10/7/21

councilwoman Daugs.png

Councilwoman Daugs Brings the Clean to Pantry — 10/7/21

Thank You for Helping.png

Thank You for Helping Beat COVID — 10/8/21

The Need is Real.png

The Need is Real and Growing. Community Responds — 10/8/21

Volunteers needed.png

Volunteers Needed for Veggie Mission — 10/14/21

Celebrating Sandy and .png

Celebrating Sandy With 95 Backpacks — 10/15/21

It Takes a Mighty Team.png

It Takes a Mighty Team of Volunteers to Feed 200 — 10/15/2021

Thanks to High School Key.png

Thanks To High School Key Club for Shed Work — 10/17/2021

With fall in the air.png

BBB Can Help Families in 'Shadows" — 10/22/21

You Can trick 10-25.png

Trick, Treat & Brush Thanks to Kiwanis — 10/25/21

Blankets to warm.png

Blankets to Warm Winter Nights — 10/25/21

colunteers like 10-27.png

Volunteers Like Gross Family Help Keep Kids Fed — 10/27-21


Volunteers, Partners Help Make Up for Lost Food Drives — 10/30/21

Tim O'Hearn.png

Tim O'Hearn and 1,380 lb of Food — 10/30/21

Thank You Dr.png

Thank You, Dr. Leavell, For All You Do for BBB — 11/2/21

A Warm Welcome.png

A Warm Welcome for Habitat's Gift of Fridge — 11/10/21


Evergreen Home Loan's Gift to Help Fund Winter Boxes — 11/12/21

Where There's a Will.png

Where There's a Will, There's Hot Chocolate — 11/15/2021

Notes Like These.png

Notes Like These Inspire Our Volunteers — 11/18/2021

BBB Numbers.png

BBB's Numbers Swell, Sadly, As Pandemic Continues —  11/19/2021

Ist Security's.png

1st Security's $2,500 Donation Helps Feed Needy — 11/20/2021

Happy Thanksgiving.png

Happy Thanksgiving! Keep COVID Guard UP — 11/20/2021

For giving Tuesday.png

For Giving Tuesday, Every Gift Counts — 11/28/2021

It's Giving Tuesday.png

It's Giving Tuesday & The Needs Continue — 11/30/21

Thanks Missy.png

Thanks, Missy, for Your Comforting Donation — 12/1/21

Vaccines Work.png

Vaccines Work! Please Get Your Booster — 12/2/21

What Goes on Behind the Pantry.png

What Goes On Behind The Pantry Walls? — 12/2/21

BBB now helping.png

BBB Now Helping 300-Plus Children — 12/3/21

We need devoted.png

We Need Devoted Elves To Help With Caseload — 12/5/21

State Farm's.png

State Farm's 250 lb Food Drive Gift Ensures Winter Food — 12-9-21

Quilters create.png

Quilters Create 300 Pillowcases for Warm Nights — 12-9-21

Raymond Frankel.png

Frankel Foundation's $5,000 Gift Arrives At Perfect Time — 12-9-21

Reindeer Canes.png

Reindeer Canes Join Winter Break Food Boxes — 12-9-21

Mighty LDS.png

LDS Youth Group Delivers More Than 815 lb of Food — 12-11-21

Jeannie Allen.png

Jeannie Allen Family Delivers Food for Winter Boxes — 12-12-21

winter food.png

Winter Food Boxes Go To 322 Children — 12-16-2021

With Bremerton's.png

With Bremerton Schools Help, We Handle Growth — 12-16-21

Kitsap Credit.png

Kitsap Credit Union Gives $6,000 for Food — 12-17-21

During this season.png

We Are So Grateful to Donors This Christmas — 12/23/21

Please end 2021.png

Please End 2021 With Gift to Our Mission — 12-31-21

Many Thanks.png

Many Thanks, Bremerton, For Help In Pandemic — 12-31-21

See Behind the Scenes.png

Behind The Scenes of Packing, Delivering — 1-6-22

Please Get Your Children.png

Please Get Your Children Vaccinated! — 1-13-22

Brother Don.png

Brother Don's, Bad Santa Help Stock Shelves — 1-14-22

As covid.png

As COVID Continues, Needy Families Seek Help — 1/14/22

Please Help Us.png

Please Help Us Fill Our Bare Shelves — 1-25-22

No child.png

Island School Students Hold Food Drive — 1-25-22

Local PEO.png

Local PEO Gift Will Help Pay For Fruit, Veggies — 1-25-22

JWJ Group.png

JWJ Group Charity Grants $10,000 to BBB — 1-27-21

Changes New .png

Changes, New Faces For BBB Board — 1-27-22

Help We Need.png

Help! We Need February Volunteers! — 2-1-22

Promote Health.png

Promote Health! Take Advantage of Vaccine Clinic — 2-4-22

Lions Rule.png

Lions Rule With Their $1,000 Donation to Help Restock — 2/4/22

Volunteers, New.png

Volunteers, New Backpacks for Super Bowl Weekend — 2-11-22

Island School.png

Island School 3rd Graders Bring In More than 510 lbs — 2-14-22

When the BBB.png

When BBB's In Need, Bremerton Kiwanians Are There — 2-16-22

Variety Kills.png

Variety in Volunteers's Backpack Donations — 2-21-22

Spring Break.png

Spring Break Means BBB Food Boxes — 3-1-22

Food DSrives are back.png

Food Drives Are Back, And We Need Volunteers — 3-19-22

March 12 Food Drive.png

March 12 Food Drive Brings in More than 3,000 lb — 3-20-22

Ready for Spring Break.png

Volunteer Team Delivers 4,400-Plus lb of Food — 3-29-22

Please Remember.png

Remember BBB at Kitsap Great Give 2022 — 4-4-22

April brings.png

April Brings Flowers, Baseball & the Great Give — 4-2-22

For 2nd Year.png

For 2nd Year, Kaiel Helps Feed Hungry Kids — 4-13-22

Kiwanis Bunnies.png

Kiwanians Serious When It Comes to Kids Health — 4-15-22

Nine Years After.png

Nine Years Later, Brigade is Adapting — 4-18-22

Backpack Brigade.png

Brigade Receives Over $7,000 in Great Give Donations — 4-20-22

Miss the Great Give.png

Miss the Great Give? It's Not Too Late — 4-21-22

Miles Family Giving.png

Miles Family Will Help Keep Hungry Kids Fed — 4-22-22

Silverdale Rotary.png

Silverdale Rotary Helps Buy Commercial Fridge — 4-29-22

Changes to BBB.png

Changes to BBB Board as Summer Nears — 5-2-22

BBB at Armed Forces.png

BBB at the Armed Forces Day Parade 2022 — 5-21-22

It's in the Bag.png

Fred Meyer Shoppers Come Through for Kids — 5-28-22

Happy 80th Birthday.png

Happy 80th Birthday, Millie!— 6-7-22

Our big break.png

Our Big Break Food Boxes Include Protein Vouchers — 6-8-22

Safety reigns.png

Safety Reigns Thanks to Public Health Staff — 6-8-22

BBB volunteers close.png

BBB Volunteers Pack Out Summer Food, Treats  — 6-9-22

Don't forget summer break.png

Don't Forget Summer Break Food Boxes— 6-14-22

Nearly 62000.png

Nearly 62,000 lb of Food Distributed in 2021-22 — 6-20-22

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